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"Grain Protect specialises in providing advice and grain treatment services to organisations handling and storing grain" 


Grain Protect specialises in providing fumigation services, advice and grain treatment services to organisations handling and storing grain.

Grain Protect staff have the experience, expertise and capacity to supply grain storage advice and inputs to both the on-farm storage sector and larger grain accumulation businesses. The business offers on-farm fumigation services, as well as equipment and input supply, servicing the needs of both farmer and commercial clients. 
Located in Ballarat Vic and Wagga Wagga NSW, Grain Protect is well placed to service clients across Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

Grain Protect is active in research and development of new and innovative technologies for storing and protecting grain, if you want to be on the forefront of stored grain protection, speak to Grain Protect about some of the industry changing products and techniques that are around the corner.



  • Advice on grain storage.

  • Customised storage strategies.

  • Audit services for owners of grain.

  • Collateral Management Auditing

  • Supply and application of grain protection products for both large accumulators and growers.

  • Access to key grain protection products such as, Conserve Plus, K-Obiol, Diplomat, Fenitrothion, Profume, Phosphine and Methyl Bromide.

  • Specialised application to ensure the highest level of operator safety using modern equipment.


Grain protect is ISO9001:2015 certified to provide product use stewardship and support for restricted use chemicals.

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