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  • Warehouse fumigation

  • Silo fumigations full or empty 

  • Flour mill and food processing facilities, including kitchens, bakeries and production areas

  • Container fumigtions

  • Grain bunker fumigations

  • Bulk grain shed fumigations

  • Silo Bag fumigations 

  • Grain Port Terminal fumigations 

  • On Farm fumigations

We offer fumigation services using the following products 

  • Profume 

  • Methyl Bromide 

  • Phosphine (including, Eco2fume & Aluminium Phosphide)

  • Vapormate - 3 hour fumigation for small storages, empty or full

  • Carbon Dioxide - We are the organic grain treatment specialists. We can treat your organic grain in either silos, bunkers or silo bags

  • Bluefume - One of the newest fumigants on the market, is used for the fumigation of empty warehouses, flour mills and food processing facilities.

Grain Protect offers an efficient and professional service for your fumigation needs. We are not limited to fumigation of stored grain. We are experieced in many different types of fumigation services such as;

We also supply many businesses with equipment and fumigant and assist them in performing fumigations at their own facilities by their own staff.

 Once licensed we can work with fumigation teams to improve procedures and ensure

that every fumigation is successful.

Grain Protect now also offer sanitising building and vehicle fumigations.
Our method controls harmful bacteria, viruses, biofilm and parasites in the air you breath, on the surfaces you touch and on surfaces and crevices you can't see or touch. The product we use is completely safe to be used in all types of buildings and facilities for the control of bacteria, mould and viruses. it will not harm or react with fabrics, rubbers, wood or metal. It is used to sanitise the following buildings and situations;

Commericial buildings including retail stores & office buildings - Removes odours and controls bacteria, mould and viruses

Public Transport Vehicles - Removes odours and controls bacteria and viruses
Houses - Removes odours and controls bacteria, mould and viruses
Food processing facilities - Removes odours and controls bacteria, mould and viruses
Poultry sheds - Controls bacteria (Salmonella) 
Dairies - Controls bacteria (Listeria)

We can sanitise a building and control mould, bacteria and viruses following mould developing from a roof leak or a viral outbreak in the building. Please see our products page for personal use sanitisers for vehicles and homes.

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